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File:Martin Kähler 03.jpg|thumb|Martin Kähler (about 1905) '''Martin Kähler''' (6 January 1835 – 7 September 1912) was a Germany|German theologian. He is best known for his short work, published in 1892, ''Der sogenannte historische Jesus und der geschichtliche, biblische Christus'' (The so-called historical Jesus and the historic, biblical Christ). Kähler was born in Guryevsk, Kaliningrad Oblast|Neuhausen near Königsberg and died in Freudenstadt. He had a profound impact upon the famous Protestant theologian, Paul Tillich. According to Kähler, the quest for the historical Jesus ("The Life-of-Jesus research") is challenged by there existing no historical biographies of the life of Jesus. The gospels serve as our only sources, and they are limited in scope, leaving many unanswered questions. One must resist the urge to speculate too much about the life of Jesus, as some historical analogies and psychoanalyses do. He...
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